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For family, fishing, and just plain fun... Sea Cat brings you back

Your time on the water is precious. You want to make the most of it.
  • You can't let rough water stand in the way of a good fishing day.
  • You won't take your family out in the deep blue in anything less than the most stable and safe vessel available.
  • You're not going let fuel prices push you around anymore.
  • You won't take another ride that makes you feel like you're in an ancient pickup going over a railroad crossing-for an hour or two.
Ready to return to those days when you could worry more about the fish than the ride to get you there? Waiting for a sea craft that can keep the ride smooth-and fun-for your children and your grandparents alike? Want the power and economy of one of the best vessel designs in history?

Then you're ready for your Sea Cat-one of the first and best powered catamarans on the market.

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