Sea Cat Boats:  Hybrid Catamaran

At Sea Cat Boats, we take pride in everything we produce. Our build team has over 100 years experience in building high performance offshore racing boats that offer a multitude of dynamic features.

About Us

Welcome to the world of Sea Cat Boats, where our commitment to excellence and innovation meets the boundless blue horizon. Our journey is one defined by a profound passion for the sea, a dedication to mastering the art of boat building, and a timeless promise to uphold the principles of meticulous attention to detail, peerless craftsmanship, and unwavering customer satisfaction.

Nestled in an industry perpetually shaped by change, Sea Cat Boats remains resolute in the face of evolution. In a ceaseless quest for progress, we invest fervently in state-of-the-art technology and extensive research to always maintain a pole position in the maritime domain. Our devotion to pioneering solutions and delivering top-tier quality is the bedrock of our enduring success, ensuring the ultimate fishing adventure.


We have taken the best qualities of a bay boat, the best qualities of a catamaran and combined the two for a unique hybrid.




All Sea Cat boats are constructed with the use of AFTEC™ engineering and design with airflow technology, a purposeful design that utilizes the interplay of air and water to produce a ride quality that is unparalleled in seaworthiness and comfort. As air flows between the two sponsons of the moving boat, it is directed under the boat and enters the water at strategic locations that optimize lift and cushions the boat. The result is a phenomenally stable ride that remains smooth & dry despite unfavorable conditions. The only way to appreciate the difference provided by the AFTEC™ design is to ride in a new Sea Cat Boat.

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